Leo is a Maine Coon living in the windy city of Chicago. Known for his sense of style, he is often seen sporting a bow tie or bandana. Despite his large size, Leo is a mama's boy who loves forehead kisses and chin scratches.



Ori is a Bengal and the youngest one in the family. He is a bundle of energy and loves playing with his big brother Leo. He is also affectionately known as the hungry, hungry hippo for his food and treat stealing tendencies.



Lucy is the oldest in the family and was adopted from PAWS Chicago on the human's very first day of work after graduating. She is full of attitude (or rather, tortitude) and definitely holds the title of queen at home. She enjoys lounging in the sun, but will often seek a warm lap to nap on during the cooler months.



Kota is an American Alsatian, weighing in at a whopping 130lbs. He is a gentle giant who loves to play with his kitty siblings. He is a big fan of the colder months, but during the summer he can be found sleeping directly on top of the air conditioner.


Evie, pixie & Chubby

The ferrets are the OG residents of the household. From oldest to youngest: Evie, Pixie, Chubby. All three joined the family when the human was still getting her degree. Although they sleep for most of the day, when they are awake, their playfulness rivals Ori's! Nothing beats the pitter-patter sound of ferrets running around.
(D.I.P. Evie 2012-2019)